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               Cardinal_Bandinello_Sauli_His_Secretary_and_Two_Geographers_Sebastiano_del_Piombo_NGADC_1961.9.37.jpgSelf Portrait, in Swiss Guard costume,, detail from the Mass at Bolsena fresco, ca. 1512 (Raphael) (1480-1520) Stanza di Eliodoro, Apostolic Palace, Vatican, Rome

               Three Lovers, ca. 1510-1515 (attributed to Titian) (ca. 1488-1567) Royal Collecction, London

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1514       Half-Length        Full-Length

1515       Half-Length        Full-Length     

                Giovanni Agostino della Torre & son Nicolḷ, ca. 1513-1516 (Lorenzo Lotto) (1583-1556) National Gallery, London

1516       Half-Length        Full-Length 

                Cardinal Bandinello Sauli, His Secretary, and Two Geographers, 1516 (Sebastiano del Piombo) (1485-1547)  National Gallery of Art, Washiongton DC  1961.9.37

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1519       Half-Length        Full-Length


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